The Masiyakhe isiXhosa chicken project is a solidarity network consisting of 10 women and 1 man. The solidarity network has been operating for 2 years now. The members of the project meet on the 1st of every month in front of the Grahamstown police station.

They sell the following products:

1. IsiXhosa chicken and free range eggs 
2. Homemade ginger beer 
3. Roesterkoek 
4. Raw honey 
5. Homemade melon jam 
6. Roesterkoek maker 
7. Grass mats 
9. Driefeet 
10. Wire folks 
11. Pumpkins (in their season)
12. Tripe
13. Muffins 
14. Fresh vegetable

For further details please contact our office line: 046 6225429.