The ICDPs are development plans developed over three years by farm workers and dwellers across five municipalities (Makana, Ndlambe, Sunday’s River Valley, Nxuba and Nkonkobe). They serve as a guide to growth and development of the community and assist the community to improve their overall quality of life, in particular their living and working conditions on commercial farms. Improvements to the quality of life revolve around enhancing social capital to access and lobby for measures that increase livelihoods and improve standards of living. The document clearly articulates the development needs of workers and dwellers in the area and will be used to lobby and advocate relevant stakeholders (government departments, local municipalities, farmers and farmers associations) to ensure that they are met. The ICDP will also assist farm workers and dwellers in evaluating development proposals from outside agents as well as in lobbying for financial assistance for development activities in their local community. This will ensure that farm workers and dwellers want to be active agents in development processes as opposed to being passive recipients.


The ICDP posted here is for the Adelaide Area Committee. For access to the ICDPs for other areas, contact:


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